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Welcome to the underworld of the Visual Catalog website! Here you can find an assortment of different pages hosted on the PREQUEL website that aren't very easy to access. Now it's no longer required for you to dig through the half-decade old comments to find that one link to that one page about that one time Kazerad did that one thing and made a page about it! So what are you waiting for? Sell your shovels today!

Important notice: Many pages that appear here are outdated and aren't being maintained anymore. So if some shady lizard lady says that you should get some goodies by following a link, or buy some stuff from her - chances are, the link is dead, that stuff is long gone and you were just robbed out of your precious time by following her advice. Don't get fooled!

Old Fanart Page

Ever wondered how would the fanart page look like in the primordial times, before the booru was established on the site? Well, it would look like a list of links followed by names, all separated by categories of art. Sorry for spoiling it to you, amigo, but that's how the world works. Spoil or be spoiled. Or something along those lines.

Anyway, you can check the actual content by following links on the page. Sadly, most of the music links are dead, but almost all videos are still fine.

Page contributed to the Archive by Kris566.

October 11, 2011

Hourly Comic Day 2013

Lo and behold, the artistic representation of Kazerad's life! Well, not the whole life, just one day of it. Actually, not a full day either, just a brief recap done for every hour or so. And not a full recap at that, just the important parts of what Kaz did for that hour. But, I guess it would be lame to read about Kaz going to the loo and whatnot, so no complaints here. Check it out.

Have you checked it out? No? Then go check it out! Don't worry about the next paragraph, it can wait.

Ok, so you have checked it out (or not, whatever, I'm not mad at you), and chances are, it was empty (or it would've, in case you didn't check it as I asked you to do). Well, that's normal, something to do with the links to the images being treated as untrustworthy. To circumvent it I made a mockup page here, containing the same images, just with the different linking. Should work fine. If it still doesn't show anything - you can write me some angry letters, my e-mail at the bottom. Actually, you know what, write Kaz angry letters instead! It's his page that fails to load them in the first place!

Page contributed to the Archive by Kris566.

Sometime in 2013

T-shirt Contest - Round 1

Small horses, lizard women, fabric shirts and the whole five feet of villainy! What is that, you ask? Well, that's the We Love Fine's "Ponies Vs. Villians" T-shirt design contest, of course. You can find half-all about it by clicking the image or the title above!

June 4, 2013

T-shirt Contest - Round 2

Miniature equines, reptile ladies, upper-body garments and a full meter and a half of skullduggery! What is that, you ask? ...No? ...ah, I see. You must've already heard the first half of the story. And if you visited the "Round 1" page already, you've probably seen this second half as well... Well then, no point in following the link behind this image then, I'm afraid. There is nothing new for you to see there. Move along, kind stranger.

August 4, 2013

T-shirt Contest - Victory Page

Ponies, t-shirts, you know the deal. What we've got here is the final 3rd half of the story about the T-shirt contest, in which you will find the exciting conclusion to the Quill-Weave's villainous attempt to conquer the field of creative battle! Yes, the exciting conclusion... which was spoiled by the title above and the thumbnail...

It's almost like I have no idea of what I am doing. :/

August 14, 2013

T-shirt Contest - Button Hell

The postscript to the Lord of the We Love Fine's "Ponies Vs. Villians" T-shirt Design Contest trilogy! The pin page (also known as the "Button Hell", for some reason) might not be all that big or have any images of the fine lizardfolk on it, but it has something else interesting going on. Apparently, the link to the “WackyButtons” site is still up, and the “5045263” code is still active. So, potentially, hypothetically speaking, one can still buy it? Perhaps? I'm not 100% sure. You can check it out yourself.

August 14, 2013

Voting is Closed

This page is so small, it almost didn't make it to the big list. But, I figured some people might get some good value out of the Chrysalis pic, so here you are. Enjoy. Or else I'll regret spending extra 2 minutes on making it a big entry rather than a link at the bottom.

Sometime after round 1, 2013

EXORDIUM, or the Sad Zebra Adventures

A joke? An advertisement experiment? A whole new way of delivering disappointment to the fans of "My Little Pony"? Well, no matter what was the intent, what we have now is a two-page PREQUEL parody/mockup set in the world of MLP franchise and hosted on the PREQUEL website.

If you are interested to know more about the existence of these pages, you can read about it in this comment section. It was present on the last page in the past, but it seems as of right now, it's only accessible through the Disqus interface.

July, 2015

Official Fanart Contest Winners

The rules were simple - draw the thing, maybe draw another thing, win some other things and resume your wait for the next update, which, as we now know, would hit you in 21 months after this event. Oh, and for the people who couldn't draw there was still a way to participate - by baking their way through the contest, following this alternative set of rules. This page, as you might have guessed, presents the winners of the contest, alongside with an assortment of links to a bunch of honorable mentions.

December, 2015

Long Gif Contest Winners

11 months after the infamous hiatus have started, this little contest appeared as a saving grace from the boredom and madness of the relentless waiting for the upcoming update. The rules were set and, unlike the last time, if you couldn't for the life of you animate a fine cat-person cartwheeling out of the lava zone right into the monster containment facility while dual-wielding some meaty bowling pins - well, tough luck there, partner. Can't bake your way out of this one, I'm afraid. Give those pineapple cookies you've made to your friends and family, because there were no rewards for you here.

Oh, and of course, the page presented here contains the winners of the said contest with some honorable mentions and one still-up-and-open comment section! One can still drop a word or two down there about how much underappreciated was the art of bakery in the year 2016, if one so desires.

September, 2016

Merchandise Retrospective

Kazerad's in-depth look at the wondrous world of the self-managed merchandise. Production, planning, shipping and more, all accompanied by some very much appropriate nudity! No, really, I would say it's a worthwhile read if you are interested in any of the mentioned things. Go read it. Or at least skim through it for the pics, if you're lazy like me.

September 22, 2017

Holiday Reprint Run

Material goods! Who doesn't like them?


Which is fine by me, honestly. I have nothing against asceticism. But, if you anything like me, you'd probably want to indulge your sinful nature of a human being by buying and hoarding as many things you like as possible. Fancy playing cards, artsy tapestries and sweet, sweet candies. All of these are nice to have and all of these you could've had if you ordered them back in 2015, during the Indiegogo campaign. But, for those who've missed it the first time, the reprint run was a second chance of acquiring said goodies. Following the link you will find the preorder page for the reprint run, providing more details on once available goods. And some pictures of Katia in a holiday-themed robe. Those are always nice, right?

December, 2017

Holiday Reprint Run - First Update

Hey, remember the holiday reprint run? You know, the run that was just explained one block/page before? The one you can probably still see right now, unless you scrolled down too far? Yes, well, this page contains some following info about that run, primarily about shipping, which is outdated and isn't that interesting nowadays. But! You know what is interesting though? The video of Kazerad talking about Star Wars and ...Garfield(?) while dropping off quite a bunch of toys to the children's hospital. And a latter from the said hospital, saying thanks to the kind man for doing this charitable act. It's all very sweet. And you can see all these things by following the link in the image or the title above.

January, 2018

Holiday Reprint Run - Second Update

Another update on the holiday reprint run. Not much to say about this one. I guess the map is cool. Very... rustic? Yes... Hmm... It has a link to the fanart booru that shows you the sketches Kazerad drew. Neat... Oh, also words! The page has words. Always nice to have words, you know... yes... Is it enough for the description? Heck it, I say it's enough. Let's move on to the next one. Unless you actually want to visit this page, in which case, I guess you can do that by clicking the image. I'll pass though. I still have a bunch of descriptions to write.

February, 2018

Infiltrate Footprint Maps

Here you can find something interesting from the Infiltrate flash game. If you haven't played/watched it for some reason - well, this page wouldn't tell you much. Otherwise, maybe you'll find it interesting. Check it out. Not gonna elaborate on what it is - the page itself already does that work for me.

(yay, lazy!)

March 18, 2018

Hoodie of Gray Tomorrow Preorder Page

Aw dang, it's the Hoodie of Grey Tomorrow preorders page! Any lazy plagiariser worth their salt will tell you that the difference between a good stolen description and a great stolen description is the number of words you've changed. And any sharp reader worth their salt would've already picked up on what this page is all about. But if you happened to be one of a, emm, less talented individuals - don't you worry! I'll be happy to elaborate for you on the content of this page. This is what this page has in store for you:

1. Information about the PREQUEL exclusive hoodies that were once sold through that page.
2. Funny words that were written about the said hoodie by none other than Kazerad himself.
3. An assortment of images showcasing the said hoodie, with an addition of 1 (one) drawn Katia wearing the artist's representation of the said hoodie.

If any of the mentioned things sound interesting to you - consider visiting the page itself, by clicking the image or the title above.

P.S. There also exists a post-preorder store page, which has all the same text and images, but with a different link and a different comment section. While technically it's not the same page as the preorder one, I don't think it deserves its own entry, being an exact copy and all that, so I'm putting it as a footnote here.

P.P.S. In case there weren't enough pages that sell you hoodies, here is another one. Much more lightweight, probably was made for the purposes of private sharing. I would advise not to buy anything from it unless Kazerad told you that you can.

September, 2018

Katia Managan Wizard Hood Preorder Page

Hoods. Magic. Magic hoods. But not actually magic. Mage. Mage hoods.
Buy. But not now. In the past. Bought? Or maybe now. Leftovers, you know. Never know.
Also amulet. Silent amulet. Of silence. With a clasp. Magnetic clasp. Magnets are basically magic. Mage-nets.
Visit page. Read words. If you want. Don't visit page. If you don't want.

April 28, 2019

Saturalia Nightmare Game

Nightmares. What does come to one's mind when one hears that word? "Nightmares"...
Is it a dark night full of ravenous monsters, ready to rip you to shreds as soon as the last speckle of light dies inside of your campfire? Or perhaps an even darker depths of the deep ocean, filled with creatures so vile you will have to fight the urge to claw your own eyes out as soon as one appears in your vision? Or maybe the darkest place of them all, right behind your eyes, in the center of your thinking box, right after the failure so severe and miserable that I wouldn't even dare to write it down as to save other readers from the sheer amount of embarrassment for your hopeless actions?
...oh, I see. That's quite interesting. I'll remember your answer for later, reader. Thank you for telling me.
...oh? You want to hear mine now? Well, I suppose it's only fair. I will tell you. The first thing that comes to my mind upon hearing the word "nightmare" is...

...Video Game Development!

Yes, that's right! The sheer amount of work that falls under anyone involved in the process! The endless crunch! The ceaseless bugs! The horror of unmet deadlines and unmade features! The accumulative stress on your mind that one day will collapse under the weight of reviews from the judging minds, saying only "this suck" in the face of the work that took years from your life to complete! Truly, I would not wish upon any, this cruel nightmare.

...Yet some people are willing to subject themselves to this nightmare voluntarily. For the purpose elusive, they will create and release games after games, growing and going, straining, enduring. And the games they produce should be regarded as treasures. Valuable gems, formed from the blood and sweat of the creative mind. Deserved to be cherished.
And if you wish to cherish such a gem right now, you can find one here. It's called "Saturalia Nightmare".

What a fitting name.

Link to the page contributed to the archive by Patrick Rant.
Special thanks to ReaX for the date of release.

December 23, 2019

Conjuration T-shirt Preorder Page

Now imagine a world where clothing is sin. Man’s original sin. The world in which upon tasting the forbidden fruit Adam became forever ashamed of his nakedness and sought to cover his body with any means necessary. But then also imagine that in such world clothes are actually alien parasites that thrive on humanity's sinful nature and propogate endlessly while their hosts chase the ever-shifting trends of style. Feeding off their shame and skin this apparel exist solely to cover nature's greatest gift to humanity: A perfectly adaptable and beautifully constructed arrangement of tissues and liquids that we commonly refer to with a simple word "body". Indeed in such a world buying a novelty web-comic t-shirt, let alone making it, would be considered a terrible, unresponsible, and extremely weak-natured act!
Good thing we don't live in such a world.
You could have shamelessly ordered your novelty t-shirt on this page.

August 16, 2020

Minor pages

The collection of the miscellaneous, often mostly empty pages that can be found on the prequel website. Too small to deserve their own blocks and only mentioned here for the sake of completing the catalog.

- Abandoned Temporary Store Page - was left empty after the sidebar store went up.

- Outdated "Quill-Weave: Take Control of the Situation" Page - Quill-Weave's side story was first revealed on this page, during the t-shirt contest. Currently in a state of perpetual loading.

- Outdated "Leftover Indiegogo T-Shirts" Page - A store page for the leftover t-shirts. The information on this page is outdated and you can't actually buy a small sized "women’s silhouette tee" no matter how much money you are willing to throw in there.

- Mysterious "Sorcery" Subdomain - A strange little page. One has to look in some other places to understand why it exists. Sadly, doesn't allow you to play Global Thermonuclear War.
Page contributed to the Archive by Kris566.

Not-so-secret "SECRET TEST PAGE" Page - As the name implies - page for testing things. Content changes from time to time.
Page contributed to the Archive by Kris566.

Outdated "Fanart Borked" Page - This page was once displayed on the site, when people running it broke the fanart page.

Outdated "Funded" Page - This page is a remnant from the... holiday reprint run, I think? Probably. My memory is slacking today.